La dittatrice della cucina

Being a Dutch person living in Scotland, studying Italian, I frequently find myself defending any one of these three countries if they’re being slagged off by inhabitants from the other two. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to put it out there: Italy is the most frequent offender in this, Scotland the most frequent victim.

To Italians, apparently, Scotland seems like some god-awful penal colony. When I tell people I live here, they ask me what I’ve done to get kicked out of the Netherlands, as if Scotland were the Siberia of the EU. “But… is cold there, no? Always raining… How can you live there, you always have to stay in the house!”

But what they don’t know, is that Scottish houses are nice, and comfy, and homely. I find Italian houses void of cosiness and atmosphere, which is fine, because in Italy you can just go outside all the…

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